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Vancity Centre (gbb)

183 Terminal Ave Vancouver, BC

Located at the Main Street Science World SkyTrain station in Vancouver, this location gives Vancity, western Canada's largest financial institution, prominence from downtown looking east, with Vancouver's workforce literally in transit through their building to and from the city. The building form is broken into two distinct masses: one oriented to the "city" grid that relates to the string of Citygate towers facing Quebec Street, and the other on axis with the Skytrain guideway, which expresses more "high tech" aspects of the transit station. The building has been awarded the BOMA Earth Award in 1998, the BOMA TOBY Award in 1999, and BOMA BESt Level 1 in April 2005 for its green building performance. READ MORE

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Vancity Centre

183 Terminal Ave. Vancouver, BC

Vancity is Canada’s largest credit union, with $11.8 billion in assets, more than 330,000 members, and 47 branches throughout Greater Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, and Victoria.  Vancity demonstrates its leadership in environmental responsibility through its flagship facility, Vancity Centre. Straddling the Main Street SkyTrain station, Vancity’s headquarters have been encouraging the use of public transportation and supporting an economically strong downtown core for the past 14 years.  Vancity Centre has met the goal of carbon neutral operations by 2010, and is committed to a further 10% reduction in total energy use over the next three years. Tours: Not available. This building has a duplicate entry here [[Vancity Centre GBB]]; improve the site by merging it's content into this entry. READ MORE

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