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The Budzey Building

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Budzey Building - George Simpson, Raincity and Wanda Felt, NSDA Architects

Vancouver, British Columbia

The Budzey Building is a 10 storey, 10,989 m2 multi-unit residential social housing development with ancillary support services and amenity spaces combined with secondary use leased spaces. The project is located on a site purchased by the City of Vancouver in 2007, which was identified as on one of the 12 City-owned sites to be reserved for social and supportive housing. Built as a home for women and women-led families who require supportive housing, the housing project is managed by RainCity Housing and Support Society. RainCity helps families address issues, which may include mental health concerns or substance abuse, through various programs and support services to build community and partnerships for tenants. In honour of a vibrant resident of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, the building was bestowed with the name Budzey, after Lorna Budzey who died in 2000. Lorna stayed with RainCity due to the lack of supports and housing that recognized her unique experiences. She invited RainCity to take the time to listen and be aware of how to interact with and support individuals while challenging the organization to be inclusive and welcoming to everyone. READ MORE